I’m feeling incredibly uninspired lately. My mind feels empty and void of arousing thought. I have thought over and over of what I should write about but I’ve got nothing. I have been working on a book (for two years now) and I think I’m getting close to finishing it, but I’m at a loss with where to go next. I hate this feeling. I want to write something, but my brain is refusing to come up with new material. Some days I wish I didn’t have to work. I now understand why writers go into hiding to write. I feel like I would have a better shot at finishing my book if I were to go off to a cabin on a lake somewhere and have only peace and the sounds of nature to keep me company. As it stands now I have the always present needs of every day life to keep me occupied. There are always dishes to wash, a house to be cleaned, bills to be paid, a full time career, a few college courses, and a small child to distract me. There was a time when I could spend up to 8 hours writing. But that was years ago. Years before I was out of high school. During a time when I had very little responsibility and no other distractions. I had nothing to worry about, no stress pulling my mind away from my fictitious world I am creating to the all too familiar real world where there is so much going on. I just hope this doesn’t last forever. I just hope one day I will get the chance to follow my dream and become a published author. But for now I will try to maintain a blog and little by little work on a book I could have had done over a year ago.


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