Bright Lights


Her heart throbs, it aches
It cries for the place she felt most at home
Pictures won’t do it justice
Taking about it isn’t enough
To be standing in the center of it again,
To be looking down on it, glowing in the night
That will be the only thing to satisfy her
To breathe in the salty air
To close her eyes and feel the sun warm her face
It was the bustle of its people
It was the green of the grass
The beauty that was the night
It stole her away
It captured her soul and holds it even now
She had been content
She had enjoyed the snow, the never ending fields
But one week in that place had changed everything
She was a captive of her circumstances
They would hold her in place
Keeping her glued to the ground she hated so much
Would she ever be free to go back?
Would she ever be able to see those bright lights in person again?
Her heart bleeds with each beat
Her head swirls with images, memories
One day she will make it there
One day she will return
One day she will make it back to her brights lights and ocean air


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