April Showers


Rain falls in soft drops against the windshield as I wait patiently for the light to turn. People driving here and there, living their lives. I think about them. Where are they coming from? Where are they going? What makes them so impatient to get there?
What do other people think when they see me? Do they wonder where I’m coming from? Where I’m going? Do they wonder about my choice of hairstyle? Do they wonder what put this look on my face?
Am I as insignificant as I feel? I’m one person in a billion. A tiny speck in the grand painting of this world.
We are like the rain drops on my window – sticking in one place for a bit, until it’s time to move on. We may pair up with another drop or two for a trip down the glass. Maybe fall to the end with them or maybe be left behind or make the final trip alone.
Ultimately we all end up in the same place – the bottom of the pane, the end of the line. It’s the way we get there that differs. We’ll either ride gently down the grade, gracefully accepting our destination or be wiped forcefully, dragging our feet the whole way.
They say April showers bring May flowers, do you think something better will come of our journey?


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