The sun shines down on her face with much needed warmth. She smells roses and daisies, lilacs and peonies. There are hills covered in a carpet of green grass and dotted with flowers as far as the eye can see. The wind kisses her face and whispers through the leaves in the trees behind her. She hears birds chirping all around her. A butterfly flaps it’s wings gently as it passes from flower to flower. Aww yes! It is spring! Suddenly she hears a strange kind of noise, an off hum. It does not fit with the scene around her. She looks frantically for the source of the noise, but it is not found. Clouds start to fill the clear blue sky, gray and mean, taking away the last of the sun’s warm rays. The birds stop chirping as the dull, monotonous hum gets louder. A strange smell reaches her nose…is that…it couldn’t be…burnt popcorn? Not in this glade, impossible! A cold draft bites at her bare arms and smacks her across the face, but her legs stay warm. This is strange indeed. Darkness is covering her now and she cannot see a thing. the darkness looks to be getting brighter. A harsh yellowish light is flickering in the distance. She opens her eyes and she is back at her desk. The heater hums low at her feet. The fluorescent light above her head flickers again. Someone has burnt popcorn and the smell is traveling down the hall. There are no birds, there is no grass. She looks outside only to see a sea of white. A draft travels from the corner of the window and she holds her arms tighter against herself. Why-O-Why does it have to snow?!

I wrote this back in February 2011. I’m not sure why I didn’t post it back then, but here it is.


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