The rose colored wallpaper distracts me for a moment from my purpose here. It’s pattern swirling in every direction draws my attention like a moth to a flame, with less consequences. I let my mind wander, letting myself get lost in this busy design so I don’t have to focus on the truth that awaits me in the other room. I hear the ticking of the clock in the corner. Tick…tick…tick…
A phone rings softly behind a desk and a soft feminine voice answers it. Papers shuffle and fingernails tap against a keyboard. The clock ticks seconds into minutes. Tick…tick…tick…
I wonder what made them choose this wallpaper. Most places select a neutral color. Something like eggshell or tan. But this is a warm red rose with golden rod swirls. It seems out of place, like they’re trying too hard to brighten the place up without making it seem childish. Tick…tick…tick…
The clock has ticked nearly 2,000 times,  constantly reminding me it won’t wait. I wrestle with what my next steps should be. I could almost have a panic attack, but I focus on the wallpaper again… And the ticking of the clock. Tick…tick…tick…
The clock stops.

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