So I found this cool idea from Basically it’s to capture 365 days in 365 photos. I started out posting it as an album on Facebook. I then realized, knowing I haven’t posted on here in FOREVER, that I could just as easily post the pictures to here as well.
Some days I will be able to post the caption and a note about the photo, other days I will only be able to post the photo and it’s caption.
I’m super busy but would still like to keep up with my blog and thought this might be a good way to do it.
I have been writing a book, which is part of the reason I haven’t posted in so long, but nothing in the short story / poem department lately. Although I have many thoughts when driving I just can’t seem to find the time to jot them down and post them.
Hopefully this photo challenge will get my juices flowing and get me back into the habit of posting.
I started on March 1st, here are my first 4 photos:

1. Sweet Rest


My idea of sweet rest is enjoying a cold drink in the company of my friends. It makes any bad day end on a good note.

2. Whimsical


These girls definitely exemplify whimsical for me. To hear their giggles and conversations always makes me smile and takes me back to my childhood.

3. Upside Down


This one is sort of random. I had meant to take a picture early in the day of me studying with the book upside down, however, I was too busy and forgot to take the picture until I was watching a movie with my husband and he asked “Why are you watching it upside down?”. So I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture.

4. Two


What better way to display “Two” than a picture of my husband and I. This is really special because he doesn’t like to take pictures and almost never smiles in them when he does take them. But he knew I really wanted the picture of us so he sweetly obliged.


365 Photo Challenge

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