The Devil and Me

This is kind of out of my normal writing and am kind of unsure about it but I had a dream that inspired me to write this so I went with. Let me know what you think.

He stands at least 9 feet tall staring down at me through those jet black eyes that were far larger and more round than any human’s. His body covered in chaotic red and black stripes. The red seemed to emit a colored smoke that swirled around his body eerily slowly. His horns, curled and thick, didn’t have quite the sharpness I would have expected. His nose was turned up and thin reminded me of a disfigured pig. His mouth was thin and firm, slowly curling into a wide, devilish smile, fitting for who he was. His hands were large and his fingers were tipped with razor sharp nails that could have been small daggers. His skin reminded me of hardened lava rock, jagged and protruding at odd angles.
I’m still not quite sure how I got myself here or how he was able to manifest himself in the flesh on this planet, but here we stand. My staff in one hand, sword in the other facing this evil. There are others too gathered around, but their fight seems to be leaving them. “He’s too powerful” they try to tell me. I don’t believe it. I still have hope for our species, for our world, for our lives. He sees they are losing their will and his smile is spreading even wider.
I take my stance, preparing for the battle. My sword is the finest steel, given to me by a dying man charging me to finish the mission he started. The staff, a gift from him as well, has a power all its own. Lucifer watches as I prepare myself, setting my feet in a strong, wide stance. The red wisps of smoke clear around him and I see his army baying and pawing waiting for their master’s consent to feast. It’s time to make my move. I clap my hands together holding sword and staff against each other. Closing my eyes, I whisper the words I was taught. “Summon unto me lighting, rain, thunder, hail, and the circle that binds he to me, they to the ground and allowing no one in or out until the beast is done.” As the words come to an end I face him defiantly and drive the staff into the ground.
Rain begins to pour on us as a dome of lighting and thunder forms. He laughs at my resolve, feeling a mere mortal has no chance against him and his demon army. He shouts in a language I don’t understand, but from the motion of his hands I assume he is calling his army forward. What he has failed to realize is his army is no longer surrounding him. They have fallen to the ground. They are not dead, but merely bound to the ground in an unbreakable hold. They will be unable to move until our fight is done. The broken down behind me will be safe, for now.
He turns behind him and lets out a deep long yell. This is my opportunity. I run straight for him, letting out a vicious yell, I raise my sword and jump as I swing it once from right to left. He turns when he hears my fearless voice. I catch him across the face, leaving one eye completely useless and nose split far apart. The corner of his devilish smile bleeding and the smile itself disappearing. He grabs me by the throat as I land and lifts me high into the air to have my eyes level with his. He snarls and growls as he speaks to me. “You cannot defeat me. I have always been and will always be. You cannot defeat me.” As I feel my head beginning to spin and darkness trying to close in, I summon every last ounce of strength I have. “You are the father of lies and I think you’re lying now.” I say as I swing my sword and cut off the hand holding me. I fall to the ground as his black blood drips from his face and sprays from his wrist where his hand should be attached.
He bends his head back and spreads his arms wide as he lets out a deafening howl that causes my staff, still erect in the ground and spewing the elements of my storm, to shake. The spell is weakening I act before he has a chance to take my last defense against the demons. Rushing forward I attempt to drive my sword into his chest. He is too quick this time, he turns sideways and I almost trip as my momentum pulls me past him. I turn as quickly as I can and narrowly escape his claw lashing toward my face. It slides across my cheek and the tip of my ear, drawing my own blood. The rain is washing both our wounds causing the red of my blood to swirl and dance with the black of his, reflecting the same colors of his body, and causing it to appear as if he, himself, is spreading onto the ground. The sight would terrify a person of lesser courage.
I close my eyes for a moment and compose myself, remembering the words of my teacher. “He may seem to have no end. You will cut him in pieces and still he will laugh in your face. But at the heart of it all he is just like us.” I open my eyes to his smiling face. A smile slowly creeps onto my face. A look of confusion crosses his black eyes before he can return them to their original ferocity. I start to laugh a big hearty laugh as I sit there looking at him. I realize he has the same emotions we do. It will irritate him that I do not fear him. Infuriate him that I laugh at him and he will lose all control when he cannot defeat my spirit. He dives toward me, claws thrust toward my face. I run toward him and slide on the mud, rain, and blood under his body, my sword pointed upward, using his movement against him to slash the entire length of his abdomen. I rise to my feet after I have slid out from under him and turn to find him crouched on the ground trying to register what I’ve done. He turns and let’s out another howl. I stand unaffected and this maddens him further.
He charges again and I use his fiery and uncontrolled movements against him. My sword moving swift and smooth in my hands. We tussle, moving around each other, dodging the blows of the other until his talons finally find their target. As I dodge a swing from one arm, he catches the back of my right shoulder with the other and I fall to my knees, the sword falling from my hand into the mud and inch deep rain water. Our bodies are soaked, the water sitting on the ground a dark maroon from the mixture of our blood. I hear his gnarled breathing behind me. I feel the ground trembling as he steps toward me. I let my head fall forward toward my chest, defeated. “You cannot defeat me.” he says close to my ear. “A mere mortal is no match for a god.” “You are not a god.” I say just loud enough for him to hear. “You are nothing but a fallen angel.” As the words are leaving my lips I turn and drive a dagger that was hidden in my sleeve through his chest straight to his heart.
He laughs at me. “I have no h–” Before he can finish his sentence his eyes widen and his teeth clench. The blade begins to glow inside his chest and I watch as the heat from the blade moves through his black and red body causing it to glow brown and orange. He is on his knees now; his head is bent back and his arms are stretched out again. He lets out his signature howl as his insides and very essence are burned and turned to ash. His demons are howling and braying behind him. They too are beginning to glow. As Lucifer and his army are reduced to piles of ash, I fall onto my back, letting the rain wash over me. When the last demon has dissolved the storm begins to subside. As the rays of sun begin to shine on my face I hear the murmur of people as they regain their strength. I close my eyes against the brightness of the sun and listen to my teachers voice. “This dagger was cooled in the tears of saints. He will not be able to withstand something so pure.” I see the white light in the distance and allow it to pull me in. My job here is done.