Mirror Mirror

There I am, standing in the dim light of the moon. The air around me smells of dew, grass, wild flowers, and peace. Everything is tinted blue and gray. Flowers that would normally pop with color, blend softly with the grass that sways in the soft breeze. The trees on the right loom over the field, their dark shadows elongating as the moon orbits. I wrap my arms tight across my chest. I listen to the soundless night. It’s odd to not hear crickets, to not hear an owl hooting in the trees. There is nothing except the sound of the wind whispering through leaves and stalks of wild, tall grass. There are no stars tonight, just the light of the moon. Slowly and deliberately the shadow of a tree falls over me and the whisper of evil runs across my neck and into my ear. I’m frozen in time, space. My feet planted firmly on the ground, unable to move out from the darkness. My breath catching in my throat as I see the thing I fear most. 

It is on the horizon, a small speck, moving closer. I know what it is before it’s features are discernible. I can feel it creeping into my skin, feel it moving through my bones. Her thick, dark blood is flowing through my veins, my heart beats in rhythm with hers. She moves closer her body twists and turns. She walks in twitching, skipping motions, as if she is skipping through time in, suddenly 10 feet closer in less than a second. Finally she stands in front of me, pausing just outside the shadow of the tree. She basks in the moonlight, gloriously soaking in its silver rays. 

Her feet are covered in dirt and grime, her toe nails cracked and some even bleeding. Her skin is pale, nearly matching the color of her white, cotton dress, the flower pattern faded and the edges torn. Her nails are brittle and broken at the ends, dirt turning the tips and cuticles black. Her veins show blue and deep red through her thin arms as they hang at her side. Her lips are blackened and cracked, a bubble of blood threatening to break free from one of the cracks. Her eyes are blood shot, the deep maroon taking over her irises causing them to appear almost as black as her pupils. Her hair is greasy, matted, and unkempt. The color matching my own auburn, the moon picks up the few soft red strands, causing them to draw my eye and hold it there – the only bright thing about this creature.

I hear her ragged breathing and feel air fill my lungs. She stares directly into my eyes and I feel every nerve in my body tingle at the heightened awareness of her attention. I try to breath on my own, make my heart beat on it’s own. I try to look away, try to move. I try anything to remove myself from this horrible creature’s stare, but I succeed in none of it. She smiles wide and her crooked, blackened teeth mock my wish for daylight. She raises her arms, hands stretched toward me. Something pulls me from deep inside. A yearning, a curiosity. What can she show me? I raise my hands to meet hers, they touch where the shadows end and the light begins.

A shock reverberates through my body. I feel myself being pulled off the ground and into the air as a blinding flash of light consumes everything around me. It is me and the creature hanging in the air white surrounding us, my body is no longer my own. Her eyes pull mine and I am pulled into her depths. I see everything that she wants me to see. Terror fills my soul, anguish tears apart my heart, pain sears through my body and my breath catches in my throat. I want it to stop, I want to pull away. The things I’m seeing are too terrible to believe. I feel myself trembling. I try to struggle and pull away, but I cannot move. After a lifetime of moments, a lifetime of terror she releases me. My body is thrown backward and white turns to gray. Slowly figures come back into focus. I’m on my feet. My hands clutching the sink in front of me, knuckles white. I lift my head and stare at the creature in the mirror.