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This is simply a link to my photo blog. I’m not a professional, but I would one day like to be.


Stealing My Heart

Rays of yellow and orange fall gently on her face
The cool breeze whips her pony tails and ripples her dress
The smell of fresh cut grass lingers in the mid-afternoon air
She twirls and run, smiles and giggles
She picks any flower she passes, creating a wildflower bouquet

The flourescent light shines down on her art work
The air from the fan picks up the edge of the paper
The smell of bacon and eggs still linger from the morning’s meal
She scribbles and swipes, brows furrow and her lips tighten
She uses every color there is, creating a masterpiece to be

The morning light sneaks through the window, illuminating her soft brown skin
Her soft snoring making her sweeter than usual
The smell of morning breath expels with each breath she takes
She sighs and licks her lips, twists and turns in her sleep
She’s stealing my heart with every twist of her fingers in my hair

She is my daughter and she has my heart