Have you ever noticed how everything around you can be changing, but also be unchanging simultaneously? On my way to work, the pavement, the signs, the exits and entrances, the trees, the grass, the hillsides are always changing. Yet my route never changes and they never change enough to feel like a completely new route. Someone’s face changes. More wrinkles are added, more stress lines or laugh lines, a pimple here, a mole there, freckles peppering the bridge of their nose or cheeks. Their hair could be cut or grow out, they could start wearing glasses or switch from glasses to contacts, they could put eyeshadow and lipstick on. They could put their hair up or leave it down. The color of their hair could change. A new earring, nose ring or eyebrow ring could appear. All these changes could take place and yet under it all would be the same face. The same distance between their eyes. Their nose will have the same curve. Their lips and chin would still have the same shape. Their eyes will have the same light. Their smile would have the same warmth. Their tears would be the same color. Their touch would feel the same.
Why is it that everyone is constantly trying to change? It seems as though there is never a time when anyone is completely happy with where they are in life. How they look, what they’ve accomplished, where they are headed, what position they hold, how much money they have, what furniture they have, what clothes they have, what house they have, they are always looking for something better. Is it a good thing to never be satisfied? To always be wanting something different? Even if that doesn’t necessarily mean something more or something better? Should we live our lives always wanting something more? Should we find some sort of middle ground and just be satisfied? Should we never settle for what we have when it comes to our jobs, but always be content with the money our position brings? Should we never settle for what clothes we have, but be content with the way our bodies look without them? Should we never settle for the things we have in our home, but be content in having one? Is there any sort of compromise? Is it white and black or is there a shade of gray? Do we have to be willing to strive for more in every area of our lives or just let ourselves settle for what we’ve already been given?
If we’ve never been given the opportunity to get more, are we definitely worse off than someone who has been given the opportunity? I’m given a job offer and I know I can excel in that position. I can make more money, have more benefits, and climb the corporate latter to the top, all the while hating my work and all that it requires me to do. I’m given another job offer that will pay less, give little to no benefits, and will have no opportunity to climb the corporate latter or work my way to the top of anything for that matter, mean while loving the work I’d be doing. Am I better off taking the high paying position or the low paying position? Which would really put me on top? Doing a job that provides the money and security I need to get anything I want or working in a job that provides me with joy and self satisfaction, but very few material things?
Which is better? Why does it seem there is always that decision? Is it possible to have both? Is it possible to be happy even if you know that you have not done the things you originally set out to do?
What really makes a person happy? Is it really relative to the person? Is there an answer that would satisfy all? Do we ever really get answers to our questions?