White and black is not all there is
Gray is not the extent of what causes confusion and frustration
There are reds and blues, oranges and greens
Purples and yellows, browns and pinks
A world painted with such variety could not possibly hold truths and lessons so boring as just black and white
The sunset alone holds more room for change than those who can consciously change themselves
We accept the color we can see with our eyes far more freely than the color we can see with our hearts
A day without color will never exist
Yet, to most, there is only black and white
What way is this to live
Who, that could admire the variance of colors in a garden, can say there is only black and white
How are some eyes so blind, minds so closed, hearts so callous to accepting the color that surrounds
It shouldn’t matter the god you worship, the ethnicity you claim, or the place you lay your head
We are all one, we are the colors that make the grand painting
Up close we are all so different, but taking a step back we create a beautiful masterpiece
Acceptance of and love for our individuality should be our concern
Black and white should not be a factor in our love for each other
Things are not all black and white


A Snippet #2

A closed mind makes for a weak mind. A weak mind makes for a weak heart. Be open to everything, but embrace only that which will make you stronger.