While You Sleep

Watch me as I watch you sleep
In these eyes you’ll see many things
You’ll see silent happiness
You’ll see open content
You’ll see peaceful bliss
You’ll see my heart
In my heart are so many things
A wish to give you more
A hope for things to come
An endurance to steady through tough times
A weakness only for you
A tenderness provoked only by you
A rememberence of all we’ve been through
An unwillingness to let you go
In a place deep inside my soul are so many things
A comfort felt only in your arms
A shudder at the thought of losing you
A broken human made whole with you
A girl turned woman because of you
But most of all, in my eyes, in my heart, in my soul
You will find a love so deep
A love which has become a part of me
A love that intertwines with the very air I breathe
A love that attaches to my veins and becomes my life line
A love that softens everything I touch
A love that makes all seem bright and beautiful
There are so many things that make me who I am
But most of all, there’s you
So watch me while I watch you sleep
Then you’ll know I’m yours forever


Lonely Traveler

I am the lonely traveler
Wandering here and there
Not knowing a destination
Not claiming a home
A beach may seem bright and happy to you
But it is far too breezy for me
A forest may seem private and secure enough for you
But the risk of beasts is too much for me
An open plain, you may suggest, is quiet and clean
This brings too much exposure to me
A city is the place to blend and be unnoticed
But here it is much too noisy and far too crowded.
A desert, desolate and deserted, would be best, you say
But here there are snakes and other fatal snares
On a moutain than, high and far from civilization
But this will not do, an avalanche will devour me in my sleep
So where do I find my home?
Where do I belong?
I do not have a home
I do not belong
I will continue to wander from here to there
Always searching…never finding
I am the lonely traveler
Down a dark, twisted, ever winding road is my journey
No destination to be had
No home to be found
No refuge from this feeling of lost identity
I am the lonely traveler, my back the only sight you’ll see.image