Pain of Betrayal

Cut to the bone

Deeper than deep

Muscle ripping from bone

Bone splintering into pieces

A crushing, driving pain

Sticks and stones is what we’re taught

But life teaches different lessons

Words are spoken and hang in the air

There are choices to make

Ignore them and take the blow alone

Confront them and suffer the loss

Opinions are formed and most refuse to change

Verdicts are assigned, judgements made

Feelings hurt, anger boils

Disagreements break friends apart

Friends lose sight of what’s important

Religion and politics come before relationships

We disagree, therefore we cannot be friends

People we trusted become people who disapprove

Because we believe differently, our friends disappear

Where is the love? Where is the commitment?

What happened to unconditional?

What happened to peace?

Betrayal comes in different forms

Fading from my life because of our different views…

Feels a lot like betrayal to me

But that’s just my opinion, you can form your own


One thought on “Pain of Betrayal

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