The Rest of the Story

Picture it – Pennsylvania, 2011

The annoying and all too familiar buzzing begins. She reaches her hand up and hits the snooze button. Just 9 more minutes she sleepily tells herself as she drifts back into soft, sweet darkness. The buzzing begins again and she groggily opens her eyes to check the time, 6:15, she decides it’s time to get up. She shuts off the alarm, but doesn’t move. It’s so warm here. I’ll just lay here for one more second. She hears her guest moving around in the bathroom. See, I have to wait for her anyway she thinks as she closes her eyes again. It feels so good to lay on the soft mattress…
She opens her eyes and her heart starts beating rapidly. 7:04 her clocks reads in harsh red numbers. She stumbles out of bed as she realizes she should be getting into her car right now. She reaches the bedroom door and flings it open, heading for the bathroom. Suddenly realizing she is topless and her guest could be right around the corner, she covers her chest with her arms and slips inside the bathroom, shutting the door as quickly as possible. She can barely think of what to do next as her mind slowly wakes up. She gets to brushing her teeth and putting her contacts in, she suddenly has a revelation and feels almost stupid at her actions before. Her guest had already left as she needed to be at work by 7 and it is now 7:10. She brushes out her hair and quickly throws it up in a pony tail. It doesn’t look great or even good for that matter, but it doesn’t look terrible either.
She rushes back into her room, heart still pounding and throws on the clothes closest to her. She runs to the kitchen, packs her lunch quickly, not taking time to eat or even pack breakfast. She races back into the bedroom, puts her wedding and engagement rings on, not bothering with earrings or a necklace. She sighs as she realizes she also will not have time for makeup, but that she could live without as well. She puts her socks on and runs to the edge of her bed, giving her husband a rushed kiss and telling him she didn’t have time to reset the alarm for him, she again runs back into the kitchen. Her jacket is thrown on. Her purse, lunch box, and sweater in one hand as she reaches for the door knob.
She barely has time to think of the fact that her guest forgot to lock the door on her way out. She sees the garage door is wipe open as well (not as surprising as the inside door being unlocked). Thanking God quickly no one was preying on them, she locked the door and moved to put her shoes on. While swinging herself into the driver’s seat, she throws her lunch box, purse and sweater onto the passenger seat. She starts up the engine and backs out quicker than usual, praying as she pulls out of her driveway that there will be no cops on the road. She speeds toward the light and checks her clock. 7:17. She shouldn’t be too late…


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