30 Minutes Before Lunch

Picture it – Pennsylvania, 2011.
A young woman sits in her rolly chair and ponders life’s biggest questions. Do plants kept indoors go through seasons like plants outdoors? Is that why the flowers went away and are now coming back? Why do most truckers look like they haven’t shaved in days, months for that matter, or like they would rather be dead than be caught without a hat on? What the hell is that a mold of? Why is there dust on my desk 15 minutes after I cleaned it?
These are the complex and unexplainable questions that pass through her mind as she looks for things to do. Someone had mentioned bringing her a project, but has yet to do so. The to-do-list she had created is all checked off (besides those two minor things that are of low importance and she doesn’t much feel like doing right now). She looks at the attendance sheet for the hundredth time, knowing there is no change she needs to make. No one has left and no one has come in. The silence is only broken by the hum of her heater, the occasional telephone ring, and the very rare sound of the printer in the neighboring office. The sun shines deceitfully outside, she knows it may appear warm, but it is really lying to her.
“What shall I do, o what shall I do?” She asks herself again. She glances around her desk again, shifting papers and aligning things, not really doing anything productive. Browse the internet? No, she isn’t in the mood. Look through the pictures on her hard drive? No, she’s already done that today. Play on her phone? No, she doesn’t really feel like doing that either. Check her email? YES! That is what she will do! She goes to her browser in anticipation. Clicking as quickly as she can she goes to her bookmarks, selects the link…it loads…she enters her username and password and waits for her inbox to load…
Her excitement drains and she is disappointed, nothing new…only lame forwards and Fashion Bug deals she will not be taking advantage of. Now she returns to her former position. “What shall I do, o what shall I do?”
Her eyes widen and her heart skips a beat. The light bulb flashes inside her mind and a smile grows on her face.
“I know what I shall do! I shall write a story and send it to those I love. They may get bored with it, but I will avoid boredom in doing so! Yes this is the perfect idea!” She quickly presses the button “Compose Mail”. It populates a screen with a large blank white area. Her pulse quickens as she thinks of what to write. She can feel her heart pounding inside her chest now as her fingers touch the keys.
“Yes, this will be the perfect story! One that they will have to read.” She begins the story with fervor and gusto and soon realizes – Lunch Time!
Tune in tomorrow to read The Rest of the Story!


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